Beatrice Schmid

is responsible for the course organisation and administration since March 2013. Since 1996 Beatrice was responsible for the management of different administrative secretariats. She started her career in a facility management company, as a manager responsible for human resource matters of more than 300 employees. In 2000 she joined Novartis where she held different positions such as head of the IT secretariat of Switzerland and management of the division secretariat and later as human resource assistant of the technical operations department. From 2002 until 2013 she worked for Helvetia, a Swiss insurance company. At that time, she was head of the IT secretariat of the Swiss division and later head of sales management secretariat, a member of management board of Switzerland. In March 2013 she joined ECPM where she manages the course organisation and the administration of the secretariat of the institute. She also works as assistant to Prof. Thomas D. Szucs, Director of the ECPM.