Registration for the Master of Advanced Studies Degree

Admission Criteria

In order to enroll in the ECPM Diploma Course and pursue the Master of Advanced Studies, applicants must have a higher university degree, such as a Master’s, MD, PharmD or PhD. The ECPM Course is a postgraduate education program designed for pharmaceutical industry, regulatory and university professionals to improve their skills. Applicants should have a primary interest in medical product discovery, development, regulation and health care system. The program is particularly aimed at professionals who are involved in the drug development process and have already at least one to two years working experience. Applications sur dossier are possible on an individual basis.

Tuition Fee for the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

After starting the Diploma Course you can register for the Master degree at any time and start collecting additional credit points. The maximum study time to qualify for the Master Degree is five years.
The tuition fee is a follows:

  • ECPM Diploma Course (6 modules; 30 ECTS; CHF 14,750 or the applicable reduced fee)
  • Master Modules can be either chosen from the ECPM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) short courses program or from other Universities (20 ECTS; tuition fee depends on the courses chosen and the course provider)
  • Master Thesis, Final Exam and Master Diploma (10 ECTS; CHF 3,500)

Application Dossier 

Applications together with a one-page curriculum vitae and a copy of the university diploma (or a certified English or German translation) should be submitted. Applications are reviewed by the course directorate and will be confirmed on an ongoing basis. As enrollment is limited, prospective participants are encouraged to apply well in advance. 

Registration as student of the University of Basel

ECPM course participants who register for the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) will be registered as students at the University of Basel. To obtain the student card a separate form will be provided by the university. The student registration is included in the tuition fee.


If you would like to register for the Master of Advanced Studies in Medicines Development please contact us at .