Internationally recognized academic research institution Focus on pharmaceutical and health care related research


With activities initiated in 2003, ECPM focuses on pharmaceutical-related, health economic and health services research. Next to its own research activities and research co-operations, ECPM works with agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Research encompasses cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, cost-minimization, and budget impact analyses, with a strong focus on decision-analytic modelling. In addition, ECPM has a proven track record in outcomes research and biostatistics (i.e. analyses of health insurance claims data, real-world data analysis, systematic reviews, meta-analyses), as well as economic evaluations alongside clinical trials. The broader research agenda extends to health systems research, health services research, and clinical epidemiology.

ECPM’s research activities cover a wide range of indications in oncology, haematology, cardiovascular disease, ophthalmology, geriatrics, neurology, postoperative pain management, osteoporosis, infectious diseases, and vaccines.